Mhoni Vidente calls Mafe Walker, the woman who speaks alien, a liar

Mhoni Seer caused great controversy on social media lash out at Mafe Walkerthe Colombian influencer who went viral for showing off on the Venga La Alegría program that master the alien language. However, the Cuban fortune teller assured that she is lying and that aliens do not communicate through language.

Through a video shared on YouTube, the astrologer born in Havana, Cuba made it clear that she believes in the existence of beings from other planets but considers that they have managed to evolve to the point where they no longer need to speak to communicate. It was there that he attacked the Colombian star who today is “the talk” of the Internet.

“I don’t believe her. They do exist, but they have already evolved so much that they do not need to speak, telepathically they can already know what they are doing”, declared Mhoni Vidente.

Finally, she believes the alien language he boasts is a product of his imagination and beliefs. However, the detail that caught the attention is that at the beginning of the conversation he made fun of the young Colombian by imitating the words and gestures that she made in front of the Venga La Alegría cameras, which made her viral on social networks.

Listen to the statements of the Cuban fortune teller from minute 5:02.

Mafe Walker, the new internet sensation

The Colombian influencer rose to fame after her participation in Venga La Alegría. Today, the astrologer is recognized at the Latin American level for her accurate predictions.

AmericanPost.News He announced to you on June 7 that Mafer Walker was invited to the TV Azteca morning show to talk in detail about her ability to speak and understand the language of aliens. However, his participation unleashed a wave of strong criticism, cruel teasing and funny memes against him.

For this reason, she returned and on national television he did not hesitate to defend his gift: “I am a portal, a means of communication, I connect to the source and that is my gift for the emanation of divine codes of vibration in my vocal cords. It is extremely high vibration and sound because my formation comes from the stars. I am a bridge and I communicate.”

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Who is Mhoni Seer?

Today, the astrologer is recognized in Latin America for her accurate predictions.

Mhoni Vidente is a prominent astrologer born in Havana, Cuba. She began her artistic career in 2009 but rose to national fame after participating in the Sabadazo program. Today, she works independently on YouTube and makes frequent collaborations with El Heraldo TV.

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