Mhoni Vidente makes a shocking revelation about the Virgin of Fatima after days of darkness

Mhoni Seer made new revelations for the month of May through YouTube, and mentioned some that have to do with the Virgin of Fatima.

According to the Cuban woman, her terrifying predictions would come true in mid-May and a divine sentence would be being carried out.

The seer commented that they are three days of darknesswhich she claimed revealed the Virgin of Fatima to the shepherds.

“The sun is going to stop shining or there is going to be a layer so dense something in the sky so strong that it is going to darken completely the day and it is going to turn it into night three days in a row”, affirms the Cuban.

“People are going to be scared, begging God for mercy and salvation to the virgin mary and, after those three days, the Virgin of Fatima to completely save humanity”, added the tarot reader.

He said that the darkness It will be presented mainly in Asia, Africa and part of Europe.

“I see that it occurs in Asia, Africa and part of Europe”

Mhoni Vidente stated that the darkness could be caused by an explosion or something very strong. “It can be a bomb or a missile that covers the whole sky and fills the world with anguish.”

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For many viewers, the prophecy coincides with the stage of the socio-political situation that Europe is experiencing, in which quite powerful weapons can be involved.

The Cuban also mentioned that during 2022 a change will begin on Earth that will last nine years, and during this time humanity will experience many revelations, of the Virgin of Fatima.

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