Mhoni Vidente: “Silvia Pinal will be hospitalized and the family will be completely broken”

Mexico. A strong crisis in her health could come to the first Mexican actress Silvia Pinal shares Mhoni Vidente in her recent predictions that she makes known on her YouTube channel.

“The card of spades comes out, it is a total break, Silvia Pinal, 90 years old, has a relapse, an internment for health issues is visualized and the family will be fragile. Silvia is suffering from mental wear and tear, she has consequences from Covid-19″, quotes Mhoni Vidente.

The fortune-teller also refers to the subject of Silvia Pinal, which after her death will be triggered a series of problems around his family.

“There is a lawsuit over paintings, jewelry, theater, a terrible lawsuit between the Pinal family, including people who are not part of the family.”

Mhoni Vidente also cites Frida Sofía, granddaughter of Silvia Pinal and daughter of Alejandra Guzmán, and in her alludes that she is emotionally ill after the death of her half-sister.

“That has been wearing her down a lot, she can’t recover. I don’t see a reconciliation with Alejandra, she will bring up some time behind her mother, It will be a rough thing on the part of a man,” external astrologer.

Silvia Pinal and her daughter Alejandra Guzmán. instagram photo

The famous astrologer used to touch on issues related to the world of entertainment in her predictions and in recent days she also made public that two famous singers from the Mexican region could lose their lives murdered.

“They are very young, they are in their prime, one is about 40 years old and the other less than 30; the murders happen to one on stage, to the other off stage. Take precautions,” he warns.

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“You have to know where we’re going and where we’re playing, especially who we made the songs for,” he says in relation to the theme of the attacks against famous singers.

But the fortune-teller based in Mexico has also warned that important artists from Televisión Azteca and Televisa will die and be imprisoned.

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“Characters from the show will fall in matters of fraud and theft, neither Televisa nor Televisión Azteca will deliver the hanged man’s letter, lurid things will come to light, many artists will drop dead, They will be killed by reckoning.”

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