Mhoni Vidente: There will be bullets and DEATHS due to a lawsuit between Jenni Rivera’s relatives

Mexico. Mhoni Vidente raises controversy in his social networks after sharing his recent predictions now about the Rivera family, which is in the “eyes of the world”, due to problems due to the inheritance of Jenni Rivera.

Mhoni Vidente does not see anything good in the outlook regarding the Rivera family and shares that the tower’s letter reveals to him that he will begin to fall apart in every way, in a very short time.

“There are fraud, theft, legal problems, I see that Rosie Rivera (Jenni Rivera‘s sister) and her husband mishandled and will end up in jail, there are strong legal situations on the part of Jhonny, Jenni’s youngest son, who will sue his uncles. “

But things could get pretty bad between the Rivera, as there are still things to come to light and that will cause more trouble between the same family.

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“I see tragedy, blows, lawsuits, bullets, murders, death; Anger and courage will be unleashed among the members of the family themselves, “highlights the Cuban fortune teller.

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Mhoni Vidente reveals that the death letter has made him see the aforementioned for the Rivera, and asks them that the most important thing is that everyone get to work and generate their own money; “It is the best thing they should do,” he warns.

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