Mhoni Vidente’s predictions that came true in 2021

The famous tarot reader Mhoni Seer surprised by hitting the predictions of 2021, which were related to the lives of many famous people.

The Cuban made known before many events happened that marked the world of entertainment, remember that Mhoni Vidente predicted the death of Vicente Fernández and the hospitalization of Silvia Pinal.

Famous 2021

Mhoni Vidente predicted the death of Vicente Fernández Mhoni Vidente predicted EvaLuna’s pregnancy

On his YouTube channel, Mhoni Vidente spoke of the health of Vicente Fernández, who died in 2021:

“The death letter is completely hitting Vicente Fernández Gómez, I definitely see him in a delicate state of health, which is going to get worse in the coming days,” the seer commented in a prediction video that she published on her channel of YouTube during July.

Another of Mhoni Vidente’s predictions that came true in 2021 was Belinda’s commitment to Christian Nodal.

“Definitely the couple of the moment, they have been 10 years … but I do see that they are going to give her a ring and she is a rock. There is a diamond ring rock ”.

A few days ago, the first actress Silvia Pinal was hospitalized, after testing positive for Covid-19, however, months ago Mhoni Vidente had already predicted the event.

“We must continue to take care of the death card in famous people. They were saying that Silvia Pinal got sick… they are older people who have to take care of themselves more than before, ”the Cuban woman told El Heraldo de México.

Fortunately, the actress has managed to be discharged and is already recovering favorably at home.

Accurate predictions of Mhoni Seer

Mhoni Vidente predicted EvaLuna’s pregnancy

Similarly, Mhoni Vidente spoke on his YouTube channel about a great tragedy in the world of urban music, shortly after the unfortunate death of the producer Flow La Movie and his wife was announced through a plane crash.

“I see a tragedy in one of the most famous reggaeton artists today who is born in Puerto Rico.”

Another prediction in which he was correct was the pregnancy of the singers Evaluna and Camilo, where he assured that they were already expecting their first child:

“He is married to one of Ricardo Montaner’s daughters … The best thing to come is that he is going to be a father. The girl is already pregnant ”.

Shortly after, in October, Camilo and Evaluna made their pregnancy known by releasing their song “Indigo”.

Mhoni also made an impact with his predictions about Eduin Caz, to whom he predicted a difficult marriage with Daisy Anahí. Let us remember that the member of Grupo Firme was involved in an infidelity scandal in the last months of 2021.

With this Mhoni Seer manages to surprise the world of show and it is already expected for its next predictions of 2022.

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