‘Mi Fortuna Es Amarte’ with David Zepeda and Susana González arrives soon on Univision

The soap opera “My fortune is to love you” is currently breaking audience records in Mexico and will soon arrive on Univision. Starring David Zepeda Y susana gonzalez, the Hispanic network has already begun to promote the melodrama.

It is still unknown when the last telenovela in which he participates will start. Carmen Salinas and that unfortunately left unfinished after his death.

“Mi Fortuna Es Amarte” revolves around Natalia Robles (González), a beautiful housewife who has dedicated her life to her family; On the eve of celebrating her twentieth wedding anniversary, she discovers the betrayal of Adrián Cantú, her husband, who flees with Verónica Alanís, Natalia’s best friend.

Adrián and Verónica have hatched a plan to flee after having defrauded the clients of the real estate company where they are both partners, along with Mario, Verónica’s boyfriend.

Natalia collapses, because Adrián also leaves her in ruins, however, in the midst of her desolate situation, she decides to be reborn from the rubble to bring her daughters Andrea and Regina forward.

On the other hand, Vicente Ramírez (Zepeda), an honest and hard-working man, suffers the terrible loss of his wife Lucía Nieto, who dies as a victim of an assault, leaving their little son Benjamín with a trauma that leaves him speechless. The day after having buried Lucía, Vicente is faced with the surprise that he has been defrauded by Adrián’s real estate agency.

Natalia and Vicente’s lives come together when he arrives at the real estate agency to claim the money that was swindled from them, along with the other creditors. She, on behalf of her husband, and Mario, ask them for time to be able to compensate for the economic damage.

Natalia and Vicente’s paths will cross to show that, regardless of social class, sadness and joy are experienced equally. Together they will discover that even in the midst of the worst experience, something as beautiful as love can always be rescued.

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