Mia Khalifa boasts a steel abdomen and tempting curves with a gold bikini

Mia khalifa She is one of the famous ones that draws the most attention thanks to the fact that she has charms that drive her millions of followers crazy and many times unleash envy even in the most beautiful women of international entertainment. Because of that, the former porn actress does not miss the opportunity to upload publications to her social networks that leave her friends and strangers drooling.

That was what happened a few days ago when the 28-year-old girl published a series of photos on her Instagram account where he appears showing off his steel abdomen and temptation curves, wearing a gold bikini that she modeled from various angles to brighten up the pupil.

“Woke up and canceled my workout, but posting pics of the abs I haven’t seen in a month makes me feel slightly better about that 😌”, reads in the caption of the images they have achieved so far more than two million 201 thousand little red hearts and all kinds of good comments, mostly, to highlight her shapely figure.

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Previously, Mia Khalifa was admired without makeup and with another tiny swimsuit in a series of three photos and a video, showing its impressive attributes in the foreground from an ecological villa in Tulum, Mexico.

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