Mia Khalifa defends Paraguay from Doja Cat and joins the memes

Recently, social networks were euphoric about the comments made by Doja Cat after her presentation was canceled on Tuesday at the “Asunciónico” in Paraguay. It is so Mia Khalifa defends Paraguay from Doja Cat.

It turns out that weather conditions prevented her and other artists from performing, some of them Miley Cyrus, Foo Fighters and Machine Gun Kelly.

In fact, Miley Cyrus’s plane made an emergency landing after being struck by lightning when it was heading to Paraguay, but a terrible storm broke out, where it not only caused damage but also the death of three people.

Given the unfortunate situation, several artists sympathized with their fans, but the attitude that Doja Cat took was not well taken by her fans in Paraguay or in Latin America, since she commented on her Twitter:

“There was a storm in Paraguay, the show was cancelled. When I left the next morning there was not a person outside the hotel waiting for me,” Doja Car said, so Mia Khalifa defends Paraguay from Doja Cat even using one of the memes .

Mia Khalifa defends Paraguay from Doja Cat

Mia Khalifa when she was in Paraguay. Mia Khalifa and her opinion of Doja Cat.

After the controversial tweets, where the rapper met her fans on social networks. Various artists joined in giving her point of view and others expressed her gratitude to the Paraguayan people.

It is in this context that Mia Khalifa defends Paraguay from Doja Cat and emphasized her positive comments to Paraguay, beginning by writing, “It’s a world tour or your man’s tour,” the former porn actress wrote on her Instagram account (@ miakhalifa) along with some photos of his time in Argentina, Chile and Paraguay.

“We love you very much, thanks for the memories,” said Mia Khalifa about Paraguay.

Jhay Cortez was supposed to have his last presentation at the “Asunciónico” but due to the cancellation it was not carried out, despite that, Khalifa included a photo of her looking out the window towards Puerto Madero.

Mia Khalifa grateful to Paraguay

Mia Khalifa and her opinion of Doja Cat.

Mia Khalifa also recorded a video from the balcony of an old building in Asunción, Paraguay, in which she recorded part of the rain that passed through the city between Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

So how does Mia Khalifa defend Paraguay from Doja Cat? the actress included one of the many memes that circulated around the fight between Doja Cat and all of Latin America attached within your post. Let us remember that hers along with her boyfriend arrived in Paraguay at dawn on Tuesday, March 22, where they posed with the fans who were waiting there.

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