Mía Rubín falls in full concert after presenting her album Raíces

The 16-year-old Mía Rubín is polishing herself to become a great singer, because, as you already know, a few months ago she launched herself to become an artist like her father, although things have not been entirely easy, since the young woman already had her first live stumble. And fall.

It turns out that during the presentation of her album Raíces, Mía Rubín was doing a duet with Erik Rubín and when she had to sing a part of her song, the young woman stumbled, so her colleague immediately helped her to continue giving a good Show.

Although it is common for artists to fall due to how strong the stage lights or costumes are that sometimes it can get stuck between the equipment, so the singer knows that this type of thing can happen at any time so you already know what to stick to when you give a live show.

“The girl is very professional, she gets up with style, even to” the great celebrities “it happens, and how nice that father and daughter empathize in music, thank you for remembering the unforgettable timbiriche songs … many blessings for both of you” , “The eyes of her father are very scared, oh the love of a father is beautiful, the good thing is that she continued with the event”, write the fans of the young woman.

For those who do not know, Mía Rubín has been characterized by having a very natural voice, that is, she does not need an autotone like other artists who have a very different voice when they sing live, although this is not the case for her, since she was born with that great talent.

It is worth mentioning that this 2022 comes with many surprises for the also eldest daughter of Andrea Legarreta, because the last thing she published days ago in her stories was that she was recording a new music video, although it is not yet known what it will be about.

Another of the things that said young woman has masde her fans fall in love again is the beauty that she reflects in her photos as a model.

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