Mía Rubín with an emotional message celebrates the XV years of her sister Nina

Total happiness is what you feel Mine rubin 16 years old at the moment, proof of this was the photo where he congratulated Nina Rubín on her XV years of age and dedicated a beautiful message to her where she shows that she not only has a sister, but a friend for life.

Today 15 years ago my little star was born @ninarubinl My best friend, my favorite person in the world, my life. You shine wherever you go beauty, NEVER lose it. This is YOUR precious year, wrote Mía Rubín in the photo where the quinceañera also appears.

As expected the pretty Nina rubin The message was returned to her older sister, whom she thanked for always being with her at all times, because for those who do not know, the two young women are always together and it is that they have established a very good relationship thanks to the love that their parents have given her, Andrea Legarreta and Erík Rubín.

“Beautiful little sister I love you with all my heart, thank you for being my little companion and my best friend on this path”, the young woman writes to the tender words that Mía Rubín dedicates to her, who is becoming more and more known in the world of entertainment. .

Meanwhile, the fans of these girls immediately congratulated the fifteen-year-old who they let him know that her dress was precious worthy of a princess, they also wished her to stand out much more in her career as a youth actress since she recently made her debut in the telenovela Do you remember me.

“Happy 15 Nina !! Blessings. May you enjoy this beautiful stage of your life to the fullest. May the personal and professional successes continue. A big hug !!”, “The girls RUBÍ LEGARRETA, Nina, what would it be without your beautiful sister mia dlb happy blessed NINAA turns 15, beautiful “, write the fans of these girls.

It is worth mentioning that Mía Rubín has become an example for her sister, as she has now stood out in her career as a singer with which she has been well accepted by the public, who hope that she will release more new music this year.

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