Miami-Dade Hospital treats Cuban star Eduardo Antonio after a cosmetic procedure goes wrong

Cuban singer Eduardo Antonio faces complications post cosmetic surgery in Miami; industry reflects on procedure risks.

MIAMI-DADE — Aesthetic ambitions led Cuban singer Eduardo Antonio to a critical situation in a Miami-Dade hospital after what was supposed to be a routine cosmetic surgery resulted in an intestinal perforation.

Sources from Jackson Hospital in Kendall confirmed that the celebrated “Divo de Placetas” was urgently admitted due to an intestinal obstruction that aggravated diverticulitis, culminating in the perforation. This severe complication necessitated surgical intervention, during which a segment of his intestine was resected.

Seeking Youthful Appearance

The artist had recently taken to social media to share his decision to undergo the procedure. In a candid video, he displayed the pre-operative assessments and sought to reassure his followers, stating he was merely aiming to “shed a few years.”

In a subsequent recording, Antonio expressed feeling “insecure” about his current appearance. During a heartfelt discussion with the plastic surgeon at the clinic where he would later be operated on, the singer expressed dissatisfaction with his “neck and face.” He also touched upon the challenges of grappling with fluctuating weight and pondered the pressures of thriving in a music industry where youthfulness is a prized asset.

Alexander Otaola, a prominent influencer, echoed the information on his social media platforms. According to the details shared by Otaola, Antonio’s decision to undergo cosmetic surgery was primarily to rejuvenate his appearance.

The Perils of Cosmetic Surgery

While cosmetic surgeries are common in the entertainment sector, they aren’t without hazards. This incident underscores the importance of weighing all factors before embarking on any medical procedure.

Waves of Support and Concern

The news has sent shockwaves through the Cuban expatriate community, especially among those who have closely followed the illustrious career of ‘El Divo de Placetas’ over the decades. The entertainment fraternity and devoted fans have expressed deep concern and rallied behind the singer, fervently hoping for his swift recovery.

As of now, further details regarding Eduardo Antonio’s health status remain undisclosed. Nevertheless, an official statement from his team or close family members is anticipated in the coming hours.

As the wait continues, the artistic community and fans persist in sending waves of encouragement and hope, fervently wishing for the talented Cuban singer’s quick recovery and triumphant return to the stage.