Michael Keaton to play Batman again in ‘Batgirl’ movie

Batman Photo: Serge Kutuzov via Unsplash.

Photo: Serge Kutuzov / Unsplash

Just over 30 years after donning the cape and mask, Michael keaton He will return to the streets of Gotham City as Batman, not in one but two movies for DC and Warner Bros.

According to the Deadline portal, the 70-year-old actor, who played the superhero in 1989’s Batman and 1992’s Batman Returns, will reprise the iconic role in the individual film ‘Batgirl’.

Keaton will give life again to Bruce Wayne, Batman’s alter ego, along with the leading actress Leslie grace, who is the modern ‘Batgirl’, also known as Barbara Gordon.

According to Variety, the actor’s casting was apparently confirmed in the ‘Warner Bros.’ press kit. 2022 ”, which was recently released to various members of the media.

The actor will join JK Simmons, who will reprise his role as Commissioner Jim Gordon, and Brendan fraser, who is rumored to play the pyromaniac villain Firefly.

Details about Keaton’s involvement in ‘Batgirl’ and how her character will relate to the DC cinematic universe were not reportedly revealed.

Before this project, the actor will resume his role first in the movie ‘The Flash’, along with Ezra Miller as the starting sprinter. The film will see Barry Allen traversing the multiverse and crossing paths with Keaton’s Batman, as well as Ben Affleck‘s.

‘Batgirl’, which is currently in production, will debut on HBO Max sometime in 2022, while ‘The Flash’ is expected to hit theaters on June 3, 2022.

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