Michael Keaton will return to be Batman in the film “Batgirl”, sharing credits with Leslie Grace

Michael Keaton.

Photo: Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images

A few months ago it was announced that the actor Michael keaton would reprise the character that brought him world fame (Batman) in the film “The Flash”, who will star Ezra Miller and that will be released in November 2022. But now the fans of “the bat man” have received another surprise, since Keaton will also use the outfit of that superhero in the blockbuster “Batgirl”, which will be directed by Adil er arbi Y Bilall fallah (who were very successful with the action film “Bad boys for life”).

In the film, Leslie Grace will play the starring role. playing Barbara Gordon (daughter of Police Commissioner Jim Gordon –JK Simmons-), who becomes the heroine Batgirl to fight crime in Gotham City; the villain of the story will be Firefly, played by Brendan fraser in one of his great returns to the big screen.

“Batgirl” to premiere on HBO Max next year. In 1989 Michael Keaton starred in the film directed by Tim Burton which reactivated interest in superhero films, returning three years later in a successful sequel –“Batman returns”– also in charge of Burton and who introduced Michelle pfeiffer Y Danny DeVito like villains.

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