Michelle Alexander on Christian Domínguez: “I would have to make a contract so that he does not look at his companions”

It seems that Michelle Alexander has not forgotten the rudeness that Christian Domínguez made to her when she criticized him for his relationship with Isabel Acevedo in ‘El Gran Show’. The production company maintained that it is not in its plans that the cumbiambero be part of its productions. Michelle Alexander, who today presented her new production ‘Chapa tu combi’ to the press, maintained that “there isn’t a character for him, he doesn’t provoke me either” and that “I’ve seen him very skinny, ugly. It’s horrible. He’s pulled his face, he’s had eyelid surgery, I think. But beyond the joke, for now I have no plans with him, “added Michelle.

In addition, Alexander indicated that if it has among its ranks again Christian Dominguez she would have to make a contract “with some points so that she does not look at any of her companions”. However, he stressed that during the time Christian Dominguez worked with her, “he respected the house and “hasn’t had any taken back”.

YOU SHOULD GO TO THE PSYCHOLOGIST In an interview with Trome, Michelle Alexander maintained that she does not think Christian Domínguez’s behavior is appropriate for “continuing to turn around his partners.” “I have no problem saying it, because it is something that has been seen. I think you should go to a psychologist, because you must have a problem … ”, Alexander stressed.

“If he is happy being like this, turning his partners around, what a pity for him, for his family, for the women who believe him. They should all already know what they are submitting to.” In addition, she was clear in indicating that she is not a friend of Isabel Acevedo nor will she be.