Michelle Cárdenas throws out Jean Deza: “So deny it, you know what happened”

After ensuring that he was ‘in love’ with a player from Alianza Lima, the popular Michelle Cárdenas dropped another bomb during the first days of 2022. And it is that she slipped having had an affair with Jean Deza.

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Through her Instagram stories, the transvestite shared an image of the player, recently sheltered in a hotel with Stafany Camus, with a revealing message. “So deny it, you know what happened between us”, he said bluntly.

Michelle Cárdenas fires Jean Deza


In December 2021, Michelle Cárdenas, who was supported years ago with soccer players, made a revelation that would involve another Alianza Lima player. And, according to the technical nurse, he was in “love” with an “intimate” player. However, he refused to give the name of his alleged outgoing.

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After El Bocón published a note about Cárdenas, she shared the link on her Facebook wall and left the revealing message. “Thank you for the comments to the newspaper El Bocón, thank you for your compliments, but I will never say with which local player I am in the midst of falling in love. I will only say that again it is from Alianza LimaMichelle wrote.

However, a user gave details of who the aforementioned aliancist would be, revealing that he saw his car parked at the home of Michelle Cárdenas.

“I’ll just say that I recently saw your square car in front of your house. And oh coincidence, the license plate number belongs to nothing more and nothing less than … “commented user name Joel Cuba.

Cárdenas replied: “Joel Cuba, don’t you dare! Because there you do bring a club down. Shut!”

It should be remembered that approximately 10 years ago Michelle Cárdenas was supported by the soccer player Antony Mamani, who at that time was a goalkeeper for Alianza Lima.


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