Mexican TikToker Michelle Lizárraga, AKA La Bellota dies in a car accident in San Francisquillo, Mazatlan

Several messages have been posted on social networks to say goodbye to the 22 year old woman.

On Friday, September 8, the world of social media was left in shock as news spread about the tragic passing of Michelle Lizárraga, the influencer known to many as “La Bellota.” Her life was cut short when she was discovered in an irrigation canal in the San Francisquillo community of Mazatlán, Sinaloa, her car submerged alongside her.

Local construction workers made the grim discovery of Lizárraga’s black Volkswagen Jetta in the canal. When authorities were alerted and retrieved the vehicle, they found the lifeless body of a woman inside. Efforts to resuscitate her were futile. Distinctive tattoos—a cross on the left arm and the number 666 on the right—suggested that the body was indeed that of the popular TikToker.

She fell with everything and her car. Photo: Facebook, LM Viral Noticias.
She fell with everything and her car. Photo: Facebook, LM Viral Noticias.

As is customary, Lizárraga’s body was transported to the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) for a mandatory autopsy and official identification. Although the process has yet to be completed, mourning fans have flooded her social media with heartfelt messages. A number of followers have also shared videos bidding farewell to the young influencer.

Remembering “La Bellota”

Born on March 12, 2000, Michelle Lizárraga hailed from Mazatlán. On TikTok, where she had amassed over 13,400 followers, she was fondly referred to as Bellota. Through her channel, she provided a window into her daily life, showcasing her fashion sense and establishing herself as a style influencer.

In her last video they began to comment farewells. Photo: screenshot, TikTok.
In her last video, they began to comment farewells. Photo: screenshot, TikTok.

The resonance of her untimely departure was evident from the immediate outpouring of grief on her platform. Comments under her recent posts were filled with the acronym “QEPD,” short for “Que En Paz Descanses” or “May you rest in peace.” Many expressed how much they would miss her lively content, while close friends shared heartfelt tributes.

Lizárraga’s ability to capture the attention of her audience was unparalleled. She boasted a remarkable knack for going viral, achieving in mere moments what takes some creators months or even years.

She constantly received gifts. Photo: screenshot.
She constantly received gifts. Photo: screenshot.

A Community in mourning

Details surrounding the announcement of her memorial indicate that she will be remembered in the town of Lomas del Guayabo by Villa Union, specifically at a property identified as her grandmother Goya’s residence.

The loss of such a promising talent has undoubtedly left a void in the hearts of many. As the digital world grapples with this tragedy, the memories and impact of “La Bellota” remain indelible.