Michelle Renaud confirms pregnancy after airport controversy

Mexican actress Michelle Renaud confirms pregnancy, ending long-lasting rumors, amid recent health battles and acting career achievements.

Mexican actress Michelle Renaud has faced pregnancy rumors and an encounter with reporters at the airport in recent weeks. On January 28th, 2025, Renaud took to social media to confirm that she and partner Matías Novoa are expecting their first child together.

Airport Incident Precedes Announcement

On January 20th, Renaud was arriving at the Mexico City International Airport after a 16-hour flight when she was swarmed by reporters insisting she confirm or deny rumors of a pregnancy. Renaud, appearing tired, was accompanied by her young son, who became frightened by the commotion.

“Guys, please be more respectful… what you are doing is disrespectful, my son is here and you are scaring him away,” Renaud pleaded with reporters.

After the incident, Renaud asked the media for more respect in a social media statement:

“What happened today at the airport was not right, we have been traveling for 16 hours, we are very tired and we came with my son, it is not the right way to close our way.”

Pregnancy Rumors Circulate Since the Beginning of 2024

Fans of Renaud and Novoa have been speculating about a possible pregnancy since early 2024. The couple had not addressed the rumors until now.

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Renaud has faced health issues in recent years, including a May 2023 hospitalization for undisclosed complications. She recovered and returned to acting in hits like La Reina Soy Yo (2019) and La Herencia (2022).

Actress Confirms Pregnancy with Beach Photos

On January 28th, 2025, Renaud shared photos on Instagram showing Novoa walking on the beach with her baby bump slightly visible.

“‘Love’. In love with these two,” she captioned the images.

The post received over 250,000 likes and congratulatory messages from fellow Mexican stars. Beyond confirming her pregnancy, neither Renaud nor Novoa have provided further details about their future child.