Michelle Renaud responds to those who criticize her for putting her 5-year-old son in an ice tub

The actress michelle renaud responded to the numerous criticisms he received on social networks after sharing that his 5-year-old son Marcelo immersed himself in a tub with icecontinuing with the technique that she enjoys putting into practice.

During a recent meeting with the media, where the television star reiterated how proud she is of her little son, who at the age of five underwent ice therapy and immediately managed to discover the benefits.

“Something very important is not to speak from ignorance, the truth is that we have many wrong beliefs and I am super proud because Marcelo got involved because he wanted and it lasted 3 perfect minutes and the next day he told me: ‘Mami yes it works’, as right now he brings pain from the bones that he is growing, he told me: ‘Mommy no longer hurts at all,'” he revealed.

Likewise, she highlighted before the camera of the “Hoy” program that it is a technique that helps to lead a healthier life, for which she also recalled when she received criticism for not eating meat while pregnant.

“Ice therapy can be seen, they can feel it, it helps you with so many things. It’s like when she was pregnant and they told me: ‘Aren’t you going to give your son meat?’ And I told them: ‘Why am I going to give him something that I realized that taking it from me is the best thing that could have happened to me’. It would be incongruous if because people say I give him something that hurt me, “she added.

The protagonist of ‘La Herencia’ does not stop exposing the benefits of immersing yourself in a container with ice to obtain benefits such as improving performance, reinforcing anxiety control, increasing energy, sleep quality, willpower and determination, and even improves mental health.

That is why he did not hesitate to share this technique with various celebrities who have relied on it; However, a few days ago he was surprised to reveal that even his five-year-old son Marcelo also followed his example, although he ended up receiving a barrage of criticism in which social network users claimed him for subjecting the little one to this type of technique that could put your health at risk.

What regret of that child. It shows that she trembles in the ice ”,“Why do you do that to the boy?“”, “Is it healthy and safe for a developing child?”, “How ugly that you don’t let him live his childhood”, “Didn’t he get sick afterwards?”, “Poor boy. It looks like he is suffering and shivering from the cold”, wrote some followers of the actress.

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