Michelle Renaud speaks again of singleness after statements by Danilo Carrera

Michelle Renaud and Danilo Carrera announced the end of their courtship at the beginning of 2021, since then rumors arose in which they claimed it was only a strategy to promote the telenovela ‘Quererlo Todo’, which both were starring in at that time.

After several months of speculation, Michelle Renaud confirmed that she is single, and that the last year of her life has been one of great personal growth, for which she feels deeply grateful. Immediately, the Ecuadorian agreed with what the actress said, and during a meeting with the media, he broke the pact of silence to reveal that he is also single.

I am single, I have nothing more to say about that at the end of the day I think they are already aware of the situation, I can only say that I am happy, content. I wish him well, He is a wonderful, incredible person, who deserves the best and sent him a lot of love, “he said smiling.

But that was not all, since Danilo Carrera also answered if there could be a reconciliation and even reacted to rumors of a possible romance between Michelle Renaud and Matías Novoa, because both recently filmed the movie “Brave.”

“I don’t know a reconciliation, I could not tell you what is going to happen in the future, but no, not today. Never (was unfaithful), is a lady, She is an incredible woman, she is a woman who when we were together gave everything in a very beautiful relationship, “he added.

However, after making Carrera’s statements known, the television star did not want to talk about her singleness again, so, through her Instagram stories, she shared a message talking about couple relationships and key for these to work.

The image that was taken from the Instagram profile @paulocoelhodice, you can see a couple joined by the trunk while they water the land at the same time, in which you can read the phrase: “A relationship only works when the two of you have the same intention. Grow up together!“, A message that the fans of the couple took as a hint for Danilo Carrera.

This is how Michelle Renaud makes it clear that she is resuming her single life to dedicate herself completely to the care of her son Marcelo, as well as her successful career.

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