Michelle Salas, daughter of Luis Miguel, suffers a fall at the Cannes Film Festival

michelle halls has attended for the second time Cannes Film Festival– the first time last year when she was invited to an event in which her great-grandmother, the actress, was recognized Silvia Pinal– and not only has he drawn attention for his impressive taste in clothing, but also for having spent one of the most embarrassing moments in the film party.

The influencer has attended the premiere of the tape ‘Triangle Of Sadness’ with a glamorous dress with corset and wide skirt in black, with silver details, which has made her look like a true princess, but it has also made her crumble uncontrollably.

The singer Luis Miguel’s daughter He has shared with his followers on the TikTok platform, a video in which he has shown the preparation process to attend the most anticipated film meeting of the year, however, the recording has taken an unexpected turn when the model is seen unexpectedly falling to the ground.

The famous great-granddaughter of the Mexican film diva, was at the popular Hotel Martinez taking some pictures and videos for her social networks and showing more details of this experience, but running, unexpectedly, tripped over his own wardrobe.

With the purpose of highlighting what lives in these types of events, Michelle Salas has written in the publication: “Fuck**g reality. But make it fashunn”.

This was not the only dress with which Michelle Salas has surprised her as she passes through one of the most acclaimed film festivals in the world; since during the first day of her visit, she has worn a look signed by the fashion house Alamour.

It is a silver and white cocktail dress that has been highlighted by translucent details on the front of the halter neck top and on the skirt..