Michelle Salas sent an emotional birthday greeting to her sister Camila Valero

(Photo: Silvia Pasquel / Instagram)

Michelle Salas He touched social networks with an emotional birthday message he wrote for Camila Valero and surprised his followers with a series of unpublished photographs where he posed with his younger sister, some of which belonged to his childhood.

The model took to her Instagram account to share a loving congratulation on the 25th birthday of her younger sister, Camila Valero. Stephanie Salas’ eldest daughter began her heartfelt message with an anecdote where she recalled how she lived the day she found out that the new member of her family was about to enter the world.

“I still remember the day you were born as if it were yesterday. I was on my way to school on January 7, 1997, at 7am when I was 7 and my mother was 27 …ah! and we lived in house 7. Funny story. I got excited to presume that my little sister was being born ”, she said.

(Capture: @ michellesalasb / Instagram)
Michelle Salas’ message to Camila Valero for her 25th birthday (Capture: @ michellesalasb / Instagram)

The daughter of Luis Miguel He did not hesitate to express the pride he feels for his bloodline and praised some of his main qualities, since he considers that over the years Camila has become a hardworking, independent, noble, original and empathetic woman, in addition to her undoubted beauty .

Your inner beauty will always surpass the outer one and look at that is complicated because you are one of the most beautiful women I know.”He continued wistfully.

Within the Instagram publication, Michelle Salas acknowledged that her younger sister helped her build a better version of herself, thanks to the strong and close relationship they forged since they were little girls. The Mexico City native also shocked her nearly two million fans by recalling some of the games she played with as a child.

(Capture: @ michellesalasb / Instagram)
Camila Valero is the second daughter of Stephanie Salas, the result of her relationship with the musician Pablo Valero. (Capture: @ michellesalasb / Instagram)

Thank you for letting me grow with you […] for the laughter, for the tears, for the Bratz, Elmo in the tub and the girl with the blue backpack, for your theater performances in the hall and your multiple annoyances when I threw you into the waves”He wrote next to a laughing emoji.

After thanking Camila Valero for the unforgettable moments that they have lived together so far, and for those to come, the model regretted that she could not be physically present at the celebration. The possible reason why he could not accompany his sister on such a special day was that he is at home taking care of Valentino, his pet who at the beginning of this 2022 had some complications in his health.

“Enjoy every second as if it were your last and live intensely as only you know how to do. You know that I would have given everything to be with you right now, but I am sure that soon we will celebrate life”, He ended, not before wishing his sister many more years.

(Capture: @ michellesalasb / Instagram)
Michelle Salas is the first-born of Luis Miguel and Stephanie Salas. (Capture: @ michellesalasb / Instagram)

Michelle Salas accompanied her congratulations with a series of unpublished photographs with Camila, with which she took a trip back in time. One of the postcards that attracted the most attention was where the sisters, being girls, were enjoying the water in what apparently seemed to be a pool.

In the following images, the members of the Pinal dynasty posed seated wearing different looks. After a few minutes, Camila Velero responded to the gesture that her older sister had with a thank you where she recognized the admiration she feels for her: “We are twigs of the same tree“, wrote.

With this, Stephanie Salas’ daughters revealed part of what their relationship is like, which caused a stir in the singer herself, who was also present in the publication sending them a lot of love.


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