Michelles Salas dressed in flowers seduces in the tribute to Silvia Pinal

Michelle Salas is the beautiful model that has a very close relationship with his great-grandmother, Silvia Pinalso it was more than obvious that she was not going to miss the tribute that they prepared for the actress at the Palace of Fine Arts.

It was in that venue where something that caught the attention of the public was that the model arrived with a look with which he verified that he inherited the style of the diva of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema.

Not long ago, the daughter of Luis Miguel and Stephanie Salas was on the Island of Capri, but a few hours ago she shared some stories in which you could see that she took a flight so as not to miss the tribute to her great-grandmother, the first actress Silvia Pinal , who at all times was very happy to be with her family, friends and colleagues.

Michelle Salas in the tribute to Silvia Pinal

Michelle Salas in the tribute to Silvia Pinal Attire of Michelle Salas

Everything indicated that Michelle Salas showed that she is willing to pay tribute to her great-grandmother and was placed on the same balcony as Silvia Pinal and Alejandra Guzmán, she also led the cheers for the matriarch of the Pinal dynasty.

As if that were not enough, the daughter of Luis Miguel sat Apolo, the son of Luis Enrique Guzmán and the only male grandson of Silvia Pinal, on her lap, so that the child would also be part of the emotional tribute in which they paid tribute to the first actress.

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Michelle Salas and her flower outfit

Michelle Salas outfit

For this event, Michelle Salas decided to be behind her great-grandmother, but it was clear that she could not stop smiling and looking at her with pride, she also participated in the cheers and applause.

For the occasion, Michelle Salas put aside the summer dresses she wore on the Island of Capri and opted for a more classic style and even gave her great-grandmother’s look a wink, since she also chose black.

As can be seen in the images, Silvia Pinal’s great-granddaughter wore a black blazer and wide pants, with floral prints, in addition to following the elegant style, Michelle Salas completed her look with a collected hairstyle, discreet makeup in peach tones and sneakers stiletto heel

It should be noted that the daughter of Stephanie Salas was extremely moved to see the signs of affection they gave her great-grandmother and at the end of the event she applauded the words of Alejandra Guzmán, who thanked her for being the one who formed a family full of talents.

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