Midjourney app uses AI to envision a child for Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole

AI foresees a musical prodigy as Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole's son amidst their rumored relationship, creating fan frenzy.

After they were seen walking very romantically at Disneyland in Paris, France, fans of Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole expressed their excitement about their probable romantic relationship, so through artificial intelligence (AI), they revealed how a child of both artists would look like.

Currently, thanks to technological advances such as Artificial Intelligence, several scenarios have been exposed that are surprising, even for people who do not exist yet, so the topic of the alleged relationship between the Mexican and the Argentinean made a glimpse of how the fruit of their love would look like.

Although both artists have not said anything about their relationship, Internet users began to make their own and, through social networks, published a photo of their unborn child, made by Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Girl or boy, what was the result of the intelligence?

The result of the Artificial Intelligence of the Midjourney application is that a boy will have the gift of music. He will be dedicated to singing like his parents and will be able to stand out in the urban genre. In addition, the infant will be sensitive to composing profound songs that will be a hit like his father.

Así luciería el hijo de ambos artísticas, resaltando los rasgos de la argentina.
This is how the son of both artists will look like, highlighting the features of the Argentinean.

It should be noted that Internet users use this application Midjourney for fun since the results that are made with artificial intelligence are true about how the children of artists who are in a probable romantic relationship would look like, such as the one that talks about Doble P and the Argentinean artist, Nikki Nicole.

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It is worth remembering that with the recent trip with the Argentinean singer, previously, the corridos tumbados artist was seen in a relationship with Belinda after a trip to Indonesia, where she is fulfilling work commitments as an ambassador of the renowned Pandora firm.

Rumores de romance entre Belinda y Peso Pluma (@belindapop/ @pesopluma)
Rumors of a romance between Belinda and Peso Pluma (@belindapop/ @pesopluma).

“I would love to. I am in contact with him, he is a super artist, and hopefully, I know something very soon,” said Belinda regarding a possible collaboration with Peso Pluma.

However, the rumor of the possible relationship surfaced when the singer of ‘Bomba niña nice’ published a picture where she appears in the middle of the sea, aboard a luxurious yacht and wearing a colorful t-shirt, which coincides with one that Doble P wore in a past event.

So far, none of the singers have commented on the matter, leaving room for speculation and romantic assumptions.