Migrant children given up for adoption may be victims of labor exploitation in Alabama

Immigrant children could have been adopted to later be exploited for work.

Photo: Tinnakorn jorruang / Shutterstock

Recent Bloomberg Government research indicates that it has not been possible to locate most of the immigrant children allegedly given up for adoption to groups of labor traffickers on Enterprise, Alabama.

The Department of Health (HHS) gave the green light to the delivery to adult sponsors in the southeastern Alabama town, which is home to meat processing plants, to the minors who are missing.

The above, according to specialists, is clear sample of failures in the adoption control process by the federal government.

Minors were not in the Enterprise addresses that were listed on the documentation approved by HHS; relatives may have transferred them to other places.

However, it is still worrying that a network of smugglers will use that as an initial “staging zone” before sending these migrant minors to different workplaces, as quoted by the media to one of the sources of the investigation.

In multiple jurisdictions

The Department of Justice, it adds, is aware of “Indicators” of exploitation against minors unaccompanied in multiple jurisdictions, including Alabama.

“Some of these situations seem to involve addozens of unaccompanied minors who are released to the same sponsor”Hilary Axam, the director of the Department of Justice’s Human Trafficking Persecution Unit, explained in an email.

“Later are exploited to work in poultry processing or similar industries without access to education“, Add.

Two people familiar with the investigation say that at least three agencies investigated allegations of possible trafficking or exploitation of migrant children, but could not corroborate it. Investigations in this regard have reached other jurisdictions, such as Woodborn, Oregon.

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