Migrant files complaint after being shot by border patrol agent

In the month of June in Arizona a woman by name Marisol Garcia Alcantara was shot in the head, the perpetrator of the damage was a border patrol agent, who at the moment has not been identified.

In this sense, the woman who was attacked by the agent has decided to file a claim with the office of Customs and Border Protection.

And the situation with border agents is usually controversial, since they recently fired two agents for making fun of migrants.

What happened to the woman attacked by the border patrol?

Her accident took place in Arizona She was attacked by two officers

The victim filed a claim with Customs and Border Protection, seeking compensation for the life-changing injuries.

That is why the lawyer Eugene Iralde took the case of the affected, and before presenting a formal demand they preferred to claim.

“I ask for justice so that they do not continue doing this. I also ask for a public apology from the person who did this. I would like to know why he did this to me, since I did not do anything to him, ”said the affected woman.

Lost sight

She was attacked by two agents

The woman was traveling in the back seat of a pickup truck while trying to enter the United States as an immigrant, just like the more than 2,000 that are seen by border patrols day after day.

The woman, who was taken to a hospital in TucsonAfter being injured by border agents, she was deported to Mexico, and among the consequences she suffered is memory loss, and she could even have epilepsy or suffer facial paralysis in the future.

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