Migrants put two Harlem residents in the hospital outside former Lincoln Correctional Facility near Central Park

Harlem's courage tested as locals step up against violent migrants amid NYC's growing immigration challenge.

The vicinity of an old prison, now repurposed as a shelter for asylum seekers, was the setting for a shocking incident on Sunday morning. The location in question lies in the area of Central Park North and Madison in Harlem, where two locals found themselves thrust into a dangerous situation.

According to the New York City police, officers were called to the scene in response to assault reports, where they found that a group of migrants had been hurling objects at unsuspecting passersby.

The first of these courageous citizens, a 35-year-old man, emerged from his apartment to face the unruly group single-handedly. However, his brave attempt ended in an onslaught, with the group of migrants attacking him with kicks and punches. Eyewitnesses on the scene reported seeing the man pushed through a glass door. He was subsequently rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital by emergency services and is currently reported to be in stable condition.

Fox News reported that a security guard from the converted prison witnessed the clash between the New York City resident and the migrants. The guard recounted that he observed several of the migrants chasing the man for about a block until he was forced into a glass door of an apartment building. “I guess he went for safety,” the guard commented, “Instead, they pushed him against the glass and pulled him out as he was trying to escape.”

Another brave New Yorker jumped into the fray, only to receive similar treatment. The group of migrants also attacked him before being taken to NYC Health + Hospitals/Metropolitan, where he, too, is reported to be stable. The New York Police Department confirmed that an investigation into the case has been launched and is ongoing.

As of last year, New York City has grappled with the arrival of tens of thousands of immigrants, putting a strain on the city’s resources. According to data from Mayor Eric Adams’ office, more than 90,000 asylum seekers have sought refuge in the city to date. A significant portion of these immigrants arrived from the southern border and are now calling the five boroughs home.

Currently, over 50,000 of these newcomers find shelter in the Big Apple, a situation that led officials to declare last June that the city was nearing a “tipping point.” Mayor Adams’ office has been working to manage the influx of migrants, resulting in a series of plans and initiatives.

Adult migrants residing in NYC shelters and hotels are now given a 60-day period to find housing, part of Mayor Adams’ strategy to discourage new migrants from settling in the city. In addition, the mayor has unveiled an increase in the transfer of the homeless to permanent homes in NYC, while simultaneously calling for more comprehensive solutions.