Miguel Ángel Silvestre from “Sky Rojo” turns on the networks by showing his sensual dance steps

Miguel Ángel Silvestre from “Sky Rojo” turns on the networks by showing his sensual dance steps

The actor showed his best steps during his holidays in Ibiza.

Photo: Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

The actor Miguel Angel Silvestre caused a stir on Instagram after showing another of his talents: polish the floor with your sexy dance moves. How did your followers react? Here we tell you.

Currently, the protagonist of the series of Netflix “Red Sky” stands enjoying the wonders that Ibiza has to offer, and it was during one of his nightly escapades that the actor shared with his almost 4 million followers how he has fun dancing.

In a short but powerful Instagram story, Miguel Ángel Silvestre showed off his best moves to the rhythm of the techno music that boomed in the place. With a fitted shirt and matching pants in one look total white, the Spaniard dazzled to see that in addition to his acting talent, he has a few star steps.

“Feeling it”Silvestre wrote in the short video that was soon taken up by several accounts and which gathered thousands of comments.

“Beautiful man I love you”; “Que pasooooos, teach me to dance like that”; “Apart from handsome, talented, a real hottie” and “Blue as a sky, so are you. So handsome !! ”, are some of the comments that the actor’s dance has collected.

However, this It was not the only moment that Miguel Ángel has documented during his stay in Ibiza, because throughout the week he has been in charge of sharing images that prove that he has had a great time.

From photographs sunbathing by the pool, to dinners in some of the most exclusive restaurants, the star of “Sky Rojo” enjoys his free time after several months of recording the last season of La Casa de Papel, series to which he joined for this installment and which will premiere on September 3.

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