Miguel Bosé allegedly has an STD that affected his voice and his former relationship

Miguel Bose and Nacho Palau surprised the public when in 2018 they announced their separation after several decades together and have four children. From that moment began a arduous legal battle for the custody of minors. However, it has now been revealed that the 65-year-old singer is allegedly have a sexually transmitted disease (STD) that not only affected his sentimental life, but also his voice.

A source close to the former couple, confessed to TVNotas magazine that Bosé, 65 years old allegedly had an STD detected a few years agoand due to poorly medicated medical treatment, was that the famous singer has gradually been affected by his voice.

However, the alleged illness also affected his life as a couple: “The news unhinged him (Miguel) and Nacho was disappointed because, although he suspected that Miguel was not faithful to him, knowing how attractive he was and that he lives with ‘n’ number of people in the world, he thought that he would at least be cautious, “said the source. As we have told you in AmericanPost.NewsNacho Palau confessed that his relationship with Miguel Bosé ended as a “horror story”.

Nacho Palau still wants to share custody of his children with Miguel Bosé

It is said that the relationship between Bosé and Palau was affected by the singer’s health and emotional problems/Photo: Hello The relationship between the sculptor and the singer was always very private/Photo: Ibiza Newspaper

According to the source, since Miguel Bosé began to have problems with his voice due to the medications he was taking, he fell into a “strong depression, plus he started to get bitter and angry”. However, the informant did not reveal if Nacho was also infected with this alleged STD.

Regarding the custody of the four children, everything it has been complicated because not all share the same blood: “They had four children, the two oldest with Miguel’s genes and the two youngest with Nacho’s,” said the source.

Nacho asked that the custody of the four be shared and that they be legally recognized as brotherswhich has not happened because Spanish law does not recognize them as such because of how they were born (by surrogate motherhood), but it was determined that see each other by video calls and visit each other. Nacho will continue to appeal so that the children can be together again, “explained the person close to the former couple.

How many years were Miguel Bosé and Nacho Palau together?

The relationship between the sculptor and the singer was always very private/Photo: Ibiza Newspaper

The romance of Miguel Bosé and Nacho Palau lasted almost 26 years. When they separated, neither gave details about the reasons for the breakup until the singer declared that “love is over”, while the 51-year-old sculptor revealed earlier this year that Bosé changed a lot since his children were bornsomething that was deteriorating the relationship.

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