Miguel Bosé assures that the COVID-19 pandemic is in its last stage, but “new evils” are coming

Miguel Bose.

Photo: Archive / Reforma Agency

Miguel Bose He again raised controversy for his statements about COVID-19, this time he assured that the pandemic is near its end, but that “new evils” are coming.

Omicron is so serious, so serious, so serious that today in most countries of the world there is zero mortality“, Said the singer in an interview for the Argentine program A24.

“This is over and all this has to end, and they will go on to new evils.”

Miguel Bose

The 65-year-old Spanish singer also warned that new ways will be imposed to instill fear in the population.

“They are going to cover up another new evil that probably be climate change with which they will drag famines, food shortages and water contamination,” he said.

Again, the interpreter of “Amante Bandido” stated that there are people behind the creation of Covid-19 and his whereabouts are currently known.

“While their work was hidden, they did it in a brilliant and powerful way, but they have already come to light. We already know who they are, we know where they are, we know their first and last names, we know where they live and we know what their evils are and what their companies are, we know everything about them”, he declared.

It should be remembered that Miguel Bosé has told on several occasions that he carries, with his head held high, the fact of being a denier and does not regret anything he has expressed because he is on the side of truth.

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