Miguel Bosé confirms he was robbed in his Mexico City home: “It was very tense, delicate, and unpleasant”

Miguel Bosé faces a traumatic robbery at his upscale Mexico City residence, with ten armed assailants taking everything, including his truck.

On Monday, August 21, renowned singer Miguel Bosé confirmed through a statement on social media that he had fallen victim to a robbery in his home in an upscale neighborhood of Mexico City. The artist revealed that ten armed men entered his home on the night of Friday, August 18, and kept him, his children, and his staff tied up for over two hours.

Miguel Bosé confirms robbery at his home

Bosé, one of the leading figures in pop music, uploaded a brief statement on Instagram, where he has millions of followers. In the statement, he disclosed that the assailants managed to take “everything,” including his truck. He emphasized that he, his children, and his staff are all safe, and urged his fans not to believe in rumors that have surfaced on digital platforms following the incident.

The singer uploaded a statement. Photo: Instagram/@miguelbose
The singer uploaded a statement. Photo: Instagram/@miguelbose

“It was all very tense, delicate, and unpleasant,” Bosé recounted.

In the wake of the robbery, Bosé affirmed his commitment to staying in Mexico. Despite the incident, he expressed his willingness to face any challenges and thanked his fans for their outpouring of support in the aftermath of the harrowing events in Mexico City.

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Several celebrities sent him all their support. Photo: Instagram/@miguelbose
Several celebrities sent him all their support. Photo: Instagram/@miguelbose

What happened to Miguel Bosé?

Bosé’s announcement quickly went viral, with hundreds of messages of encouragement and support from celebrities, including Galilea Montijo, Adal Ramones, and Manolo Caro. Among the comments were messages such as “I love you so much,” “Hugs to all of you… you are loved,” and “Fuerza Miguel, I love you. I’m so glad you are all well.”

News of the robbery broke on the night of Sunday, August 20, when various entertainment media outlets reported that Miguel Bosé had been robbed inside his home. Reports indicated that the singer, one of his sons, and some members of his staff were threatened and tied up by the criminals.

Gustavo Adolfo Infante, a well-known entertainment journalist in Mexico, revealed that Bosé has not yet taken legal action against his attackers.