Miguel Bosé Undergoes Successful Spinal Surgery in Barcelona for Injuries from 1999 Accident

Health crises in 2022, including a herniated disc operation and vocal cord strain, have significantly affected Bosé's career and singing voice.

Renowned Spanish singer Miguel Bosé recently underwent back surgery in Barcelona to address ongoing health problems stemming from injuries sustained in a 1999 car accident. The delicate procedure aims to preserve mobility for the 67-year-old performer.

The surgery comes after years of health struggles for Bosé, who was seriously injured in a 1999 car crash that left several of his vertebrae and ribs crushed. He spent months recovering in bed after the accident.

Over two decades later, Miguel Bosé still deals with the consequences of that trauma. In recent social media posts, he said his “smashed vertebrae from so many years ago could no longer withstand more” and required reinforcement.

Surgery to Stabilize His Spine

According to Spanish magazine Semana, Bosé checked into Barcelona’s prestigious Teknon Medical Center for spinal surgery. The goal was to stabilize his spine and alleviate severe pain and numbness caused by a herniated disc.

During the operation, doctors implanted a plate in Bosé’s back with several screws to support his spine. Though the exact date is unclear, reports indicate the surgery was successful, and Bosé spent four days hospitalized before being discharged.

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Miguel Bosé (Video Capture / Semana Es)

Recovery Process and Impact on Career

Bosé now faces a lengthy recovery. He must remain on total bedrest for three weeks before beginning physical rehabilitation.

The surgery and aftercare force Bosé to postpone professional obligations. He had been promoting his new book “Historias secretas de mis mejores canciones” but suspended publicity events to undergo this latest procedure.

Other projects, like his recent biographical series “Bosé,” have also been delayed as the singer focuses on recuperating.

Previous Health Crises in 2022

Bosé’s surgery caps off a year plagued by health crises. In October 2022, he canceled a trip to Mexico to promote his book due to a herniated disc operation that hospitalized him at the time.

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His vocal cords have also faced increased strain after years of performing. Bosé has disclosed losing his singing voice “forever” due to the toll of constant shows and inadequate rest over his decades-long career.

Miguel Bosé
Miguel Bosé (@elhormiguero / )

Reassurances from Bosé’s Family

With fans concerned about Bosé’s condition post-surgery, his nephew Nicolás Coronado downplayed the severity while attending a press event.

“I don’t get into that. I know that my uncle had a motorcycle accident many years ago. Sometimes you have to adjust little things,” said Coronado when asked about the operation.

Though reserved in his comments, Coronado’s remarks suggest confidence that Bosé will recover after convalescing.

Outpouring of Support from Fans

News of Bosé’s surgery triggered an outpouring of encouragement from supporters across social media.

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Miguel Bosé, singer (Martín Zetina / Cuartoscuro)

Many expressed well-wishes for the singer’s speedy recovery and eagerness to see him healthy and performing again. Despite anxiety about Bosé’s prognosis, his admirers remain optimistic he will bounce back with their steadfast backing.

What’s Expected to Happen with Miguel Bosé?

In the coming weeks, Bosé will rest as his body heals from the intense spinal procedure. Once he can begin rehabbing his back, Bosé will likely resume publicity for projects put on pause by the surgery.

With the long-festering spinal injury now surgically addressed, there is hope Bosé can stabilize his health and return to fans who have buoyed him throughout his recent struggles.