Miguel Bosé’s ex-husband, Nacho Palau makes strong statements: “He doesn’t let the children out”

The ex-husband of singer Miguel Bosé, the Spanish sculptor Nacho Palau has given an interview to the magazine Diez Minutos in which made some very strong statements about the singer. Among them, how strict the Spaniard has been with his four children: “…He made the children not even go out to the Street“.

“A lot has changed and began to change when the children were born. Perhaps it was not only the children, but also his career, but Miguel’s character soured,” he said. Miguel Bosé’s ex-husband, Nacho Palau, who had two sets of twins by surrogate motherhood with the singer. After 26 years of relationship and having kept it “secret” for a while, he announced that they had broken up.

Thereafter, Miguel Bose Y Nacho Palau They reached an agreement that Miguel stayed with the children and Nacho saw them twice a year and when the singer traveled while he was living in Panama. This was done and the children remained united. But Miguel Bose decided to go live in Mexico with two of the children and the other two are with Nacho Palau. For this reason, The plastic artist decided to take legal action so that his four children can be together again.

Nacho Palau ensures that the judge knows very well that the relationship between him and Miguel Bose if it existed and that they intended to raise these four children as the brothers they are. But Miguel Bosé apparently denies this fact. The singer’s ex-husband says he doesn’t want money but wants all four children to live together: “They can spend a year there and another here. There are international schools. I am open to everything.”

Nacho also admitted that the children do spend the holidays together and that they feel happy when the four of them are together. But that the rest of the time they see each other by video calls and they have not seen each other in person for almost three years. In addition to the enormous difference in quality of life they have from each other.

“Once the coexistence of the minors ends, I do not ask for anything. Would you deny bread to your children knowing that they have needs? I don’t ask him, he knows what’s up… If he doesn’t come out of it, I don’t ask him for anything, I’ll support the children and do everything I can for them. The children already have three separate and of course they notice the differences. They see it, they hear it… I’m not saying I don’t have money and Miguel does, but they see it and know the effort I make. And what do I tell them, turn off the lights, I can’t buy you this and that… I think you don’t have to give me anything. I do it so that the children live together. I have shown that I can work at anything, my rings don’t fall off, I am happy and I love working. I have worked in a nursing home in the middle of a pandemic and it was very complicated. Then I started working in a sausage factory and that’s not hard, it’s really hard! With my back problems, carrying, transporting… I work, I don’t have any problems and I’m not ashamed of anything. I don’t have a pernicious life, I just want to keep my children together, however and wherever. For me I want absolutely nothing, ”he told the publication Nacho Palau, ex-husband of Miguel Bosé.

The sculptor gave much more detail about the relationship. how he fell in love with Miguel Bose and how crushed he was at 19 years old. Then how he went to live on a farm and how he worked it. Also that he received a monthly payment of $ 3 thousand dollars, a car at his convenience and a very small apartment away from the singer’s house to avoid problems. Finally, the Spaniard said: “My relationship with Miguel ended as a horror story.” What’s more, Nacho Palau assured that he will take this to the last criminal instances until the four children live together as brothers and stressed that he will not forget the damage that Miguel Bosé says he did to him.

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