Miguel Herrera mocks Michel Leaño to his face: “I laughed when he told me it would be DT”

A few years ago and during his first steps as a coach, Miguel Herrera had the opportunity to share with Michel Leañowho is currently a coach for Chivas de Guadalajara.

While ‘El Piojo’ directed the Tecos of the UAG, Leaño was part of the staffHowever, when the now ‘sacred herd’ strategist confessed his intention to be a coach, Herrera could not contain his laughter and mocked him since he did not see him capable.

This was recently revealed by the now coach of the Tigres, since in an interview for the Mother Soccer PodcastHerrera confessed that he laughed in Leaño’s face after learning of his desire to direct.

Marcelo Michel Leaño approached me and told me, I’m going to be a coach. I honestly laughed my ass off”Herrera commented for the mentioned program.

And despite the fact that the task facing Leaño is complex, has remained at the foot of the canyon to try to get some Chivas afloat who seem to have lost the path of victory and titles.

On the other hand, Miguel Herrera has carved out a fruitful career as a coach in Mexicobecoming one of the best strategists in Liga MX.

In his career as a coach, ‘El Piojo’ has been on the bench for teams like Atlante, Veracruz, Rayados, Club América and the UANL Tigersa team he currently leads. That without mentioning his time as coach of the Mexican team during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

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