Miguel Ponce trusts that Michel Leaño will make Chivas champion

After the agonizing 2-2 draw against Atlético San Luis during Matchday 8 of Clausura 2022, Marcelo Michel was dissatisfied with the outcome of the Chivashowever, recognized the effort of his players,

The Mexican coach was happy because his team came from behind and in the complement matched a deficit of 2 goals, for which he highlighted the importance of continuing with the intense work in defense, since by improving at that point the results will be different.

“We didn’t have a good first half, once again we made a mistake in very specific actions and they scored 2 goals in 3 arrivals”, declared Marcelo Michel Leaño during the press conference after the game.

Amaury trusts Michel Leaño

Miguel Ponce trusts that Michel Leaño will make Chivas champion Marcelo Michel Leaño

Contrary to what one might think, there is great confidence in Chivas in Michel Leaño, not only from the board headed by Amaury Vergara and Ricardo Peláez, but also the players who have shown a different attitude.

Despite the fact that the results have not been as expected in the current Closing Tournament 2022 where they are in 10th place with just eight points and two wins, after 8 games played in Liga MX.

Given this situation, Miguel Ponce spoke about the importance of giving continuity to a project like that of the young strategist, a reason that makes him think that sooner or later the triumphs will come and in turn he does not rule out being champions with Leaño on the bench.

“Michel Leaño will make Chivas champion”

Marcelo Michel Leano

“I think that we can be champions, even this tournament, the truth is that I see the team very well, it has improved a lot and a week of three important games is coming, that if we add three, confidence will grow” , he explained in an interview for Mediotiempo.

“We have lacked regularity, perseverance. We have lacked maintaining the good moments for longer, we have lacked concentration because it has cost us goals,” Ponce abounded about the team’s performance.

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