Miguelito Barraza lost his voice for three days due to Covid

the comedian Miguelito Barraza He stated that he was without a voice for three days due to covid, but he is already recovering satisfactorily after following the doctors’ instructions. The prominent comedian said he was happy for the recovery of his compadre Pablo Villanueva ‘Melcochita’, who overcame the virus and now they will prepare a show together.

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“I’m coming out of the disease, I already feel good, as I always say ‘I’m horrible’, ha, ha, ha. But a few days ago this virus left me speechless, I got a little scared because I thought I couldn’t work anymore. Imagine how I could make people laugh without telling my jokes, I would have to become the new Chaplin., commented the ‘Chato’ Barraza.

So, have you already been able to overcome covid?

I am grateful to God for continuing to give me an opportunity to continue making the public laugh, happily that I had all three vaccines and has protected me, therefore, it is necessary to be vaccinated so as not to get worse.

Your compadre Melcochita has also overcome the virus, although he was on oxygen for a few days…

He is a strong man and I knew he would pull through. I hope he recovers soon because we had already planned to return to the stage because the public demands us. This Covid thing will remain as a story in our lives, because we are survivors of the pandemic.


A few days ago, the comedian Miguelito Barraza He commented that he has become the “king of Tiktok”, after sharing a dance with his sister Cecilia, which has become viral on the networks. In addition, he details that this year he hopes to return to television because he still has a lot to deliver to the public.

“I have a lot of fun doing Tiktok and it occurred to me to do one with my sister Cecilia, especially since she appears dancing salsa. I visited her at her house after a few months and we have had a lot of fun, each reunion moves me because we remember many things and above all, because every time I see her younger, my sister is just the same. She is in good health, but missing the stage, “said Miguelito Barraza.

Have you thought about doing a show together?

Every time we meet we remember the show that the three Barraza brothers did (Carlos, Cecilia and Miguelito) and we would like to return to the stage, but now that the third wave has begun, the artistic shows are more truncated. I think we’d better save a while longer and maybe when the pandemic is over we’ll come back with the ‘Los Barraza’ show.

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