Mike Tyson declares war on Hulu for the new series about his life: “They stole my story and they didn’t pay me”

Photo: Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

American former boxer Mike Tyson lives an open war with the audiovisual platform ‘Hulu’ for the series ‘MIKE’an eight-episode content about her life that will premiere in two weeks, and accused the producers of ‘stealing’ her story and being racist.

There are two weeks left until ‘Hulu’ premieres ‘MIKE’ and in recent days Tyson’s serious accusations have been added, that through his social networks has labeled the American platform as “the streaming version of a slaver”.

“Don’t let ‘Hulu’ fool you. I don’t support your story about my life. This is not 1822. This is 2022. They stole my story and didn’t pay me,” Tyson recently wrote on Instagram.

And he concluded his message by suggesting that the directors of ‘Hulu’ dedicate him a racist treatment and only see him as a person to be exploited.

Previously, Tyson had published a photo with the British Dan White, president of the UFC, accompanied by a text in which he assured that ‘Hulu’ offered “millions” to the businessman to promote this seriessomething that he rejected.

“’Hulu’ Desperately Tried To Pay My Brother Dana White Millions without offering me a dollar to promote their slave version of my story. He turned her down because he honors friendship and treats people with dignity,” she wrote.

In addition, the former boxer wrote last week on his Twitter account that “heads will roll”, referring to the “robbery” that, he considers, he has suffered.

On its website, ‘Hulu’ promotes ‘MIKE’ as a series that “explores the tumultuous ups and downs of Mike Tyson’s professional and personal life.”

It further highlights that the series is an “unauthorized and unrestricted interpretation” of Tyson’s life.

Tyson, who was the youngest world champion in the heavyweight category in 1986, created in 2016 a company that sells all kinds of products related to marijuanafrom groceries to “premium” crops.

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