Mike Tyson reveals his secret to staying young: Cannabis, mushrooms and toads

Photo: PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP/Getty Images

It recently came to light that Mike Tyson earned an average of $500,000 a month thanks to the premium line of cannabis which he launched last year, selling everything from buds of different strains of marijuana to ear-shaped candies in a nod to the bite he took from Evander Holyfield in 1997.

The former world heavyweight champion’s interest in this industry, in which many other celebrities have failed, stemmed from his own experience using psychotropic substances. In his case, it couldn’t have been more positive and Today, at the age of 56, he smokes cannabis and consumes hallucinogenic mushrooms on a daily basis.

Far from considering that this could affect his performance should he ever get back into the ring – although he swears that his exhibition fight with Roy Jones Jr. was the last of his career -, Tyson believes that cannabis would have helped him control his aggressiveness in the ring.

“For me, cannabis is good for training. I wish I had smoked when I was still competing. I really missed a good opportunity from an athlete’s point of view,” he said Thursday in an interview with the Daily Star.

By his calculations, he smokes about $50,000 of his own supply a month and swears that regular consumption of toad venom it is the reason why he had managed to lose more than forty kilos to box again temporarily.

In 2017, Tyson tried his luck in the cannabis business by opening his own farm in Southern California, but the project failed due to problems with managers and farmers.

That didn’t make him lose heart now he has created a small empire that he will soon expand by building a holiday complex 418-acre park, which he hopes will be home to a music festival that will eventually rival Coachella. It will also include a luxury hotel, a camping area and Tyson University, where the secrets of cannabis cultivation will be taught.

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