Mike Tyson: “The best thing that happened to me was the death of my mother”

The youngest heavyweight champion in its history, Mike Tysonhe confessed in an interview conducted by the former NFL player, Shannon Sharpfor your podcast Shay Shay Clubabout his career and the death of his mother who pointed out that if that had not happened, he would not have been successful.

One of the best things that happened to me was the death of my mother, because my mother took care of me like a baby. She would never have gotten into street fighting, she would never have stood up for me,” Mike Tyson noted.

“At 14 I thought I could already be world champion. I won national championships, I had knockout records, I lost to the eventual champion. Once I turned pro, my whole life changed and I beat everyone. And everything changed when I became champion”, he added.

The mother of Mike Tyson died when the boxer was 16 years old, leaving custody to the trainer Cus D’Amato, who ended up being his most important figure in the sport and also in his home. In addition, “Iron Tyson” has been one of the most important boxers of the last 30 years and recently made an exhibition fight against Roy Jones Jr.