Milagros Monserrat Meza’s planned birthday celebration turns tragic in León’s Granada neighborhood

Surveillance reveals fatal daylight assault on Milagros Monserrat Meza in León, prompting urgent statewide manhunt and community grief.

On social media, a disturbing video has emerged, capturing the violent stabbing of a woman in broad daylight. This traumatic event occurred as the victim walked along Lago de Zumpango street, intersecting with Lago de Cuitzeo in the Granada neighborhood of León, Guanajuato, precisely at 06:28 hours.

Soon after the video gained traction, the woman’s identity was disclosed. The 40-year-old victim, named Milagros Monserrat Meza, tragically lost her life during what seemed to be a botched robbery attempt. The urgency of the situation has captured the attention of high-ranking officials. Both Governor Diego Sinhue of Guanajuato and the State Attorney General’s Office have initiated a manhunt for the assailant.

A nearby surveillance camera captured the precise moments leading to the tragedy. In the footage, Milagros Monserrat is seen walking, holding what appears to be coffee. Alarmingly, an unidentified man, recognizable in jeans and a green shirt, quickly trails behind her, closing the distance.

Governor Diego Sinhue, visibly distressed by the incident, took to his social media to address the situation. He wrote, “The cowardly attack in which Milagros lost her life in León will not go unpunished. I urge @FGEGUANAJUATO to ensure the perpetrator is swiftly apprehended and faces justice. I appeal to the community to share any relevant information that might assist in this urgent matter.”

How did Milagros Monserrat’s mother find out about her daughter’s death?

The day of the incident was meant to be special for Milagros. As details emerged, it was revealed that Milagros had intended to work a short shift that day, planning to celebrate her birthday with family later on. However, this joyous occasion turned tragic when she was attacked. Local residents, still in shock, were tasked with delivering the heart-wrenching news to her mother. Mrs. Ernestina, Milagros’s mother, in an emotional state, shared with Página Central, “I often insisted on accompanying her, especially since she left home so early. It’s always so deserted at that time.”

The victim was celebrating her birthday. | PHOTO: FB Monse Meza
The victim was celebrating her birthday. | PHOTO: FB Monse Meza

Milagros, as described by those close to her, was a beacon of tranquility and respect. She was dedicated to her job as a cashier, a detail shared by many who knew her. Her sister, Guadalupe, mentioned Milagros’s penchant for lettuce and enchiladas, her favorite dish.

The community, grappling with the loss, took to social media to share their grief and memories of Milagros. Their heartfelt messages painted a picture of a woman who was loved and cherished by many.

Neighbors, in particular, have been vocal about their sorrow. They remembered Milagros as a peaceful soul who avoided confrontations. Despite being closer to her neighbors than her own colleagues, she always stayed clear of any altercations.

This is what Milagros looked like, the woman stabbed in an alleged robbery.

The depth of the tragedy is most profoundly felt by Mrs. Ernestina. Overwhelmed by the loss, she’s entrusted the funeral arrangements to her other children. In a poignant moment, she shared, “I didn’t wish her a happy birthday in the morning, thinking I’d see her later.”

The pursuit of justice is in high gear. The Attorney General’s Office of the State of Guanajuato, through their official channel, has declared the incident a femicide. They’ve pledged their commitment, stating, “From the moment we became aware, the #FiscalíaGuanajuato has been working relentlessly to locate and apprehend the attacker.”

Friends and family of Monse dedicated emotional messages to her on social networks. | PHOTO: Facebook
Friends and family of Monse dedicated emotional messages to her on social networks. | PHOTO: Facebook