Miller High Life launches beer-infused ice cream bars

Ice Cream Dive Bars are infused with Miller High Life beer.

Photo: Johan Swanepoel/Shutterstock

This summer the trend of releases with exotic flavors is in ice cream. Miller High Life and Tipsy Scoop are launching a limited edition ice cream bar just for adults. The beer-infused frozen dessert is called Ice Cream Dive Bars; each bar is 5% ABV.

The ice cream celebrates the bars and therefore evokes the flavors and aromas that are characteristic of the place.

To the bars gives them a peanut swirl” in honor of the sandwich that is usually found at the counter of a bar or club and that can be eaten for free.

Ice cream bars also have a tobacco smoke flavor, a swirl of gooey toffee to evoke gooey floor, and a dash of carbonated toffee to mimic the iconic effervescence of “beer champagne” in every bite.

The Ice Cream Dive Bars they are dipped in dark chocolate to evoke the dark wood ambience and dim lighting of the bars.

Miller High Life partnered with Tipsy Scoop to celebrate the ice cream parlor’s 100th anniversary based in New York and selling liquor-infused ice cream.

Ice Cream Dive Bars are available in a pack of six individually wrapped ice cream bars packaged in a limited edition box and can also be found for sale individually.

The six-bar box retails for $36, and individual pieces will be available for $6 each.

Those unable to purchase ice cream bars can enter a drawing at for a chance to win a six pack from August 22 to September 4.

Popsicle packs are now on sale with delivery to all 50 states through the Tipsy Scoop website and national delivery service

Tipsy Scoop warns that due to the alcohol content of the bar, they should only be consumed by those over 21 years of age. At the time of delivery of the product, the signature of an adult is required.

Individual Miller High Life Ice Cream Dive Bars will be available at Tipsy Scoop’s three New York City “Barlours”.

Ice cream isn’t the only dessert or treat Miller High Life has launched, this past holiday season the brand launched beer-infused gingerbread kits for customers to recreate their favorite bar.

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