Millie Bobby Brown Secretly Married? This detail proves

Millie Bobbie Brown is one of the few actresses who can boast that achieved success from an extremely young age And it is that, since the English celebrity was just a girl, she was discovered by a Hollywood agent, when she was still going to school, where she developed great skills for acting, singing and dancing.

It should be noted that before arriving at the series that would give him world fame, the young star went through productions like Once Upon A Time in WonderlandAmerica Intruders and in Modern Family.

Finally, Bobbie Brown was selected for the original cast of the most famous Netflix series, Stranger Things, where she got nothing more and nothing less than the leading role.

Naturally, thousands of people watched little Millie grow up, who sooner rather than later became the attractive young woman who managed to steal the heart of Bon Jovi’s son: Jake Bongiovi, with whom he was seen arriving at the show’s gala fictional.

Did Millie Bobby Brown get married?

Millie Bobby Brown wears mysterious Millie Bobby Brown ring with her boyfriend

The Once interpreter recently managed to paralyze the American show business, after she was seen on the streets of New York, along with her boyfriend; However, something stood out in her and that is that the young celebrity wore a discreet ring on her ring finger, a place where it is well known that engagement and marriage rings are placed, so speculation of a possible secret wedding.

As if that were not enough, just behind her was Jake, but because he was carrying a small cardboard box, it cannot be seen if he also has his own ring.

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What is happening with the actress?

Millie Bobby Brown with her boyfriend

Although there is also the possibility that this ring is not a marriage ring, but a promise ring, and that is, Millie is barely 18 years old, while her boyfriend is 20, so the theory of a marriage could be ruled out. this magnitude between the two.

It should be noted that it is difficult to predict when Jake and Millie’s relationship began, it is known that it was in June 2021, when the couple published their first photograph together, although in the description of it the words can be read: “Bff”, which means: “Best Friend Forever” or “Best friends” in Spanish, which explains that what began as a friendship, quickly evolved into love, since, months later, they confirmed their courtship in another Instagram post.

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