Millionaire: The salary that “Checo” Pérez receives at Red Bull

Millionaire: The salary that “Checo” Pérez receives at Red Bull

“Checo” Pérez is the fourth-highest-earning driver in Formula 1, according to Forbes.

Photo: Mark Thompson / Getty Images

Sergio “Checo” Pérez not only has he become one of the most talented competitors in Formula 1, he is also the best driver in the history of Mexico, and in the face of such greatness, his achievements have been well rewarded.

In less than five years the Mexican has gone from earning $ 213,000 to collecting a grandiose sum of five million dollars this season of Formula 1, according to the report of Sports Inc.

But not everything is there, as Forbes magazine places “Checo” as the fourth highest earning driver in 2021, as it indicates that about $ 18 million has been made.

This figure is broken down into the five million dollars that he receives as part of his salary, plus $ 13 million corresponding to bonuses received. And if we count the earnings he has received throughout his career, the figure exceeds $ 37 million.

In the 11 seasons that the Mexican has played in the top motorsport competition, has partnered with 21 brands in Mexico, and has had sponsors such as Force India, McLaren and Sauber.

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