Miracle: 75 gas stations will lower their high prices today in protest in NJ

With gas prices hitting record levels nationwide, residents of New York and surrounding areas could find temporary relief in neighboring New Jersey, where 75 service stations will lower their prices today.

Instead of the regular average of $4.88 per gallon, consumers who go to participating stations will save between 15 and 20 cents per gallon, but drivers may have to do something many are not used to: pump your own gasoline.

The group “Fuel Your Way NJ” hopes many will find the savings worthwhile, as its self-service awareness day aims to show drivers that the price at the pump could drop if they pumped up on their own.

Yesterday the drivers consulted by NBCnews they seemed to get mixed reviews, with some not wanting to make the change, while others said they preferred it. At a Jersey City Exxon station, a gas clerk said that half of those who stop pump their own gas, even though it’s illegal.

In April, a Monmouth University poll found that more than half of respondents (54%) supported the full-service and self-service option, while 43% opposed self-service. The majority (60%) do not want the entire service to be completely removed.

A project to change the law of full service only in the state of New Jersey stalled. According to State Senate President Nicholas Scutari, a Democrat, “There is no data to support any claim that moving to a self-service model would save residents money at the pump. If public sentiment changes or indeed there is data showing that it would drastically reduce costs, I would reconsider.”

Yesterday, a group of national Democratic congressmen presented a bill to stop the rise in gasoline and impose greater restrictions on oil companies such as Chevron, ExxonMobil and Shell, which they accuse of inflating prices.

Gasoline prices are reaching record levels across the country and have already exceeded $6 dollars a gallon in Manhattan.

The list of the 75 stations participating in today’s sales in NJ can be found here.