Miraculous rescue of a 17-day-old baby who choked while being breastfed

The baby was helped by Alma Cristal Barraza.

Photo: Mar del Plata Operations and Monitoring Center / Courtesy

Soul Crystal Barrazaan operator of the emergency service became a heroine by saving the life of little Marcos, a 17 day old babywho choked while being breastfed, a fact that caused his parents to despair when they saw that their little son could, but the worker made a miraculous rescue.

And it is that the parents lived real moments of anguish when they saw that their baby was no longer breathing, so they immediately went to the Mar del Plata Operations and Monitoring Center, Argentinato ask for support for your baby.

The events, which were recorded on April 10, were recorded on the security camera of the emergency center. In the images it is seen when the anguished parents arrive aboard a white van.

Operator performs CPR

The baby’s father is the first to get off and run to a door to ask for help, followed by the mother, who carries the little one in her arms and desperately heads to another door, where she is received by Alma, an operator of the Care System Medical Emergency (SAME), who immediately takes the baby and begins to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

While Alma performs CPR on the baby, the mother is desperate and anguished before Alma, she puts her hands to her face and moves from one side to the other, but always attentive to what the worker is doing.

Desperation of the parents of little Marcos

While the father runs desperately inside the offices of the emergency center, raising his hands to his head, as a sign of desperation, he screams for help, he goes from one place to another, he does not know what else to do to express his desperation and anguish for the life of his son.

Barraza continues to perform CPR maneuvers. In the images you can see how he performs his medical work to save little Marcos, massaging his back, dry blows, but very carefully.

“The baby was without vital signs and was purple, he was not reactive. There, at that moment, I wasted no time, I put him in the resuscitation position, I massaged his spine, dry blows very carefully. I knew I had to get him out and I started doing CPR,” Alma Cristal told Diario Necochea.

“I started to see reactions and I told him: Give it a baby, give it a baby. At one point she made a force, a moan and ready I see that phlegm comes out, I take it out. Automatically she began to change color and I blew on her face, she gave air from my mouth and I was able to save him”, she commented, satisfied with having saved little Marcos.

miraculous rescue

The intense work of Alma Cristal makes the baby breathe. The rescue was described as a miracle for her parents, who saw her little son very close to death.

The baby choked while being breastfed

And it is that the baby, barely 17 days old, choked while being breastfed, so he began to have difficulty breathing, his situation was getting worse every moment.

His parents without hesitation immediately took him to the emergency center in Mar de Plata, where Alma Cristal Barraza was able to save him, providing him with cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

After being saved, little Marcos was transferred to a hospital in Mar del Platawhere he recovered favorably.

Later, Alma Cristal told local media that she never doubted that she would be able to revive little Marcos.

“I can’t tell them that I can’t do it, I told them yes, Marcos is going to live, I’m going to carry out the maneuvers,” Alma declared, according to what was published by the site La Sexta.

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