Miss Ghana leaves her luxuries and returns to her village to work. What was the reason?

Hamanat Montia is the famous Miss Ghana who has conquered social networks with her story, as she won beauty contests, came to model for important brands and was even on several fashion catwalks. But Hamanat Montia realized that the lifestyle she had kept her away from her roots , that’s why she picked up her bags and returned to the place where she grew up.

The young woman began her modeling career very young, but shortly after made a significant leap in beauty pageants and, in 2016, she won the title of Miss Malaika, Miss Ghana and a year later, she competed in Miss Universe Africa.

After some time, after venturing into a great life, the separation from her husband and father of her two children made her think that perhaps she was not in the right place, so the beauty queen decided to go back to the simple: she packed her things, took her daughters and returned to her village in Ghana.

Miss Ghana supports her village

Hamanat became very inspired by the work her village was doing with shea butter, a local product with multiple wellness benefits, so she began to learn the craft of making artisanal shea butter and turning it into the main ingredient of your new business.

It seems that Hamanat Montia’s career promised to be totally successful, if when referring to success we only think of living in a big city, having money and working with big brands. However, for Miss Ghana her personal fulfillment was far from all that.

At first it was not easy at all, her family began by bringing her food, they helped her settle in and enjoy her new reality. Instead, those friends in the city did not support her, on the contrary, the ridicule and insults were present.

Patented a world brand

Hamanat African Beauty,

With a lot of work, Miss Ghana patented the Hamanat African Beauty brand, whose products she already sells it to all parts of the world, as she receives hundreds of orders every day and success has earned her being part of an economics forum in Africa.

Thanks to the tireless search to improve herself, Miss Ghana has now brands contact her to work together, and she even opened the first shea butter museum, a space to enjoy with the family and relax.