Miss Universe: married, pregnant and mothers can now participate in the contest

Miss Universe 2017.

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

miss Universe is a long-standing tradition around the world, but a rise in body image awareness in recent years, combined with major conversations about the objectification of women that occurs in beauty pageants, has led to a lot of controversy over these contests.

It is for this reason that the organization, As of the 72nd edition, it will be accepting “women who are or have been married, as well as pregnant or with children” who are interested in attending the international event, which crowns the most beautiful.

In an internal statement obtained by The National, the organization says it has always striven to evolve with the times and the last decision was to include more women.

“We all believe that women should have agency over their lives and that the personal decisions of a human being should not be a barrier to their success,” the memo said.

“We are incredibly happy with this news, because now we will have the opportunity to welcome even more motivated women to our Miss Universe family”, commented the organizing committee.

It was specifically stated that the requirements will be less demanding in terms of the marital or maternal status of the contestants, in addition to the fact that now they can also be considered candidates between 18 and 28 years of age.

“We look forward to continuing to welcome more aspiring women into our community as a result of these latest changes. We wanted to share this with you now, as they begin preparations for their local pageants for 2023”, they added.

Miss Universe, founded in the early 1950s, is an internationally recognized beauty pageant. The parade traditionally takes place over a two-week period at the end of the year. During this time, the contestants have the opportunity to prove that they are worthy of the title. Beauty, personality and poise are key factors that determine the final winner. The program includes competitors from up to 100 countries.

The contest has been changing with the times. Last year, for example, Miss Universe Bahrain made history by choosing to walk around in a swimsuit with fully covered sportswear.

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