Miss Venezuela, Amanda Dudamel, shares the secrets to becoming a beauty queen

Miss Venezuela, Amanda Dudamel is the daughter of soccer coach Rafael Dudamel and is preparing to represent her country in the December 71st edition of Miss Universe. The Venezuelan shares her makeup tricks and beauty secrets.

A beauty trick:

We Misses are known for always having our hair well put together, and this is not for free, because we use the famous rollers -curlers-and sometimes have to sleep with the rollers to keep a good volume in our hair.

Have you had any cosmetic surgery?

I haven’t had cosmetic surgery. At some point, I considered it and felt nothing was wrong with it, but it didn’t suit my personality, so I decided to go natural.

Any treatment?

Of course, there are always treatments. I have had my gums trimmed, we had to level my teeth a little bit, and I had orthodontics. There are always little things that can be fixed.

What makeup tricks do you use?

I have to line my lips very well because my natural shape is much thinner, not like the one you see here, but it’s very pretty and natural; however, for a camera, it’s good to design it on my lip.

Amanda Dudamel has the unconditional support of her parents and her partner.

“My dad was an athlete and has had a discipline, well, impeccable, and my mom was a beauty queen when she was like 19, 20 years old in my city, in Merida, and her biggest dream was to go to Miss Venezuela, and today we have fulfilled it together”.

And your boyfriend?

We’ve known each other since I was 13 years old, imagine! And I’m 22. I had another boyfriend once we broke up, but we never stopped talking; he and I have been best friends apart from boyfriend and girlfriend, and today, thanks to God, he accompanies me in this incredible experience.