Miss Venezuela Ariana Viera tragically dies in car accident in Orlando, Florida

Miss Venezuela Ariana Viera meets fatal end in Orlando due to fatigue-induced accident, weeks before Miss Latin America 2023 pageant.

Ariana Viera, current Miss Venezuela, died tragically in a car accident in Orlando, Florida, confirmed her mother, Vivian Ochoa.

Ariana, who had been tipped to be part of the Miss Latin America 2023 pageant and also Miss World 2023, was beginning to make a name for herself in her recent career but lost her life at 26 in an accident while driving in Lake Nona.

This is one of the biggest tragedies so far this year, as she was an interesting personality who was gaining several followers in this competitive industry.

She fell asleep behind the wheel

It was Ariana’s own mother who confirmed that her daughter was driving very tired after a series of work commitments. In this way, fatigue got the better of her.

“My little girl fell asleep. She was very tired”, said Ochoa in declarations to Telemundo. In addition to this, she also pointed out that the car Ariana was driving crashed into a truck.

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“They revived her, and she had a heart attack, but they revived her again. When they were going to take her to intensive care for trauma, she was left there”, added the mother of the deceased model.

Likewise, the model’s mother regretted that she would never talk to her again, as she was her comfort and her closest person.

Ariana Viera was in the United States preparing to represent Venezuela in the Miss Latin America of the World 2023 pageant, an event to be held in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, in October of this year.

Likewise, the 26-year-old model had scheduled her first fashion show in New York in the next few days.