Missing girlfriend Octavio Ocaña: Is your family looking for you?

  • What happened to Nerea Godínez?
  • The actor’s girlfriend remains ‘disappeared’
  • After attacks on social networks, he decided to close his accounts

HIDES? After several attacks she received from Internet users, Nerea Godínez, who was engaged to Octavio Ocaña, decided to close her social media accounts and ‘disappear’ for a while. Although, at one point they mentioned that it was about ‘being puzzled’ by the platforms, some mentioned that her family did not know about her either.

In various accounts, they reported that Nerea Godínez’s family were concerned about the young woman, since they had not had any contact for a long time and did not know how to find her. For this reason, several Internet users have begun to ask about the whereabouts of Octavio Ocaña’s fiancée and rumors have been unleashed about the mysterious disappearance.


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A couple of days ago, it was reported about the closing of accounts of the young Nerea Godínez, who was engaged to the ‘Neighbors’ actor, Octavio Ocaña. The news surprised Internet users who began to mention that the young woman had closed her social networks because she had not endured that people criticized her for her actions after the actor died.

According to Heraldo USA, due to the attacks, the young woman came to the conclusion of closing her social networks and taking her mourning in private, but, the relatives revealed that they do not know about her whereabouts and that they are extremely worried about her; meanwhile, Octavio’s family has not given any statements in this regard.

Missing girlfriend Octavio Ocaña: Your family can’t find her?

Missing girlfriend Octavio Ocaña: Your family can't find her?
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The media reported on a movement made by the followers of the young woman and the actor, who have been extremely concerned about her disappearance. Some mentioned that the family also reported that they did not know about the young woman’s whereabouts and that they were desperate for news about her.

Various fan accounts mentioned the deactivation of the young woman’s account and some reported that it was an attempt to ‘get away’ from the hatred and negative comments that came to her daily. Others mentioned that perhaps he was hiding since it is related to the death of the actor and in a short time, the family will discover the evidence against him. Filed Under: Missing Girlfriend Octavio Ocaña

Missing girlfriend Octavio Ocaña: Are you asking about her?

Missing girlfriend Octavio Ocaña: Are you asking about her?
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In the pages they made to support the young woman, Internet users asked about the event and if anyone knew why they had disconnected their profile on Instagram. In the fan account that they made in support of Nerea, a young woman asked about the whereabouts of Octavio Ocaña’s fiancée and Internet users answered the theories they have about her disappearance.

“Did Nerea deactivate her account?” Wrote a young woman on that page. “It is linking him that she knows things about why Octavio was killed. And as I lead a man to the revelation of footprints, I present him to Octavio’s family as his cousin and according to his ex. There are many things that are coming to light, such as what she was going through on the day of the accident and she saw everything but she never stopped seeing how he was, if not that he left. “, A follower mentioned in response. Filed Under: Missing Girlfriend Octavio Ocaña

Missing girlfriend Octavio Ocaña: Do they want to sue her?

Missing girlfriend Octavio Ocaña: Do they want to sue her?
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After he deactivated his account, several began to spread theories about the death of Octavio Ocaña. According to some users on Instagram, the young woman would also have problems with the father of her son and therefore, she had to be more careful with her publications otherwise they could take away the little son she has.

“Nerea deactivated her networks because the boy’s father sued her to take him away,” said another person through social networks after it was suggested that there are various reasons for the disappearance of Octavio Ocaña’s fiancée. According to Internet users, Ocaña’s family would be investigating what happened to the young woman and her son. Filed Under: Missing Girlfriend Octavio Ocaña

Missing girlfriend Octavio Ocaña: Out of fear?

Missing girlfriend Octavio Ocaña: Out of fear?
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Another person mentioned that he deactivated on social networks because Octavio Ocaña’s father mentioned that he did not care who ‘fell’ but that people had to pay for the death of his son. The young woman mentioned that a lawyer advised Octavio Ocaña’s fiancée and told her to close her social networks to avoid problems.

“Yes, I deactivate his social networks because Octavio Ocaña’s father said that:” Whoever falls, it also goes to those who were with him, the day they killed him and Nerea, to find out the murder of his son. Some lawyer for Nerea advised her to close her networks. It is what is coming out; It is also said that she fled with her lover or boyfriend, and more things will continue to come out of that woman. Her close friend of hers and Octavio Ocaña, she is talking about everything related to Nerea. ”, Mentioned an Internet user. Filed Under: Missing Girlfriend Octavio Ocaña

Missing Girlfriend Octavio Ocaña: Did he run away at his last will?

Last will Octavio Ocaña
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The first weeks the bride published almost daily videos, messages and photographs of the actor from ‘Neighbors, in which she remembered him with a lot of love and affection, she also began to appear on television and many people criticized her because they said that she was only looking for prominence, They even began to doubt the versions that she gave about the day her partner died, this caused her to ‘post’ a video on social networks to express that she felt bad about it.

Well, now it is known that she has already canceled her Instagram account and other social networks, perhaps as pressure exerted by Internet users when they distrust her because they even classified her as ‘maintained’, since the artist expressed many times the great affection and love that he had for her son, of whom it is said, he loved him as if he were his own and precisely for this reason now they speculate about who will keep everything that he managed to do in his artistic career. Filed Under: Missing Girlfriend Octavio Ocaña

Who leaked the letter?

Nerea Godinez
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The young man, who was about to turn 23 years old, achieved fame, success and fortune, when he appeared in the ‘Neighbors’ series by playing the role of ‘Benito Rivers’, a boy who won the affection of the public for his famous phrase of “I don’t want to be an actor”, which could well be applied to his real life, since he really preferred to be a professional footballer, so much so that he even left acting for a moment, however, he was not lucky enough to achieve that dream and returned to the small screen.

Doubts about who will inherit his assets increased with the publication of a video made by the youtuber Dael Quiroz, who specializes in show business, revealed on his channel “ArguenteTV” that the actor would have left an unofficial letter of whom he would leave his earnings and other assets acquired throughout his career as a Televisa artist, which is why Internet users began to comment on the case and become suspicious of all the people around him. To see the video click here.

Does the family know?

Instagram: Octavio Ocaña

And it is that just this year the actor from ‘Vecinos’ had committed to Nerea Godínez, but although there was no definite date on their marriage, the artist fell in love with the family he was about to form, so much so that in The videos in which he appears living with the son of his ex-fiancee, the great relationship they had is appreciated, since there was always love and respect, which is why more doubts arise about who will keep everything that he ‘coined’ as famous.

And the doubts or suspicions began to point to the one who has had the least reflections since his death, according to the YouTuber, the supposed letter that the artist left, mentions that his last wish would be to leave all his assets to nothing more and nobody less than to the son of his ex-fiancee, since he loved him as if he really were of his blood, a reason that raised many voices for and against, since he is not a direct relative. Filed Under: Last Will Octavio Ocaña. To see the video click here.


Last will Octavio Ocaña

The Youtuber would have ensured that after his career in the ‘Neighbors’ series and other novels that he made such as “Lola, once upon a time” and “Love Letter by Letter”, two properties that would be in the name of the minor, but, his Mom would be the one who would take care of these until the child reaches the age of majority, which motivated the comments of the people, some in disagreement and others supporting the alleged decision of the actor, which ignited the controversy.

On the page of the YouTuber account, people let their imaginations fly and they even suspected her: “In several cases the intellectual murderer is he or the one who receives life or property insurance and just like what she put together for sure she has something What a coincidence that she was passing where Octavio was on the day of his death ”. To see the video click here.


Nerea Godinez

When the suspicions began against the ex-fiancée of the ‘Necinos’ actor, people could no longer stop: “Hahahaha this woman is capable of having made all that accident of the accident! I knew that she is hidden and under her social networks because the father of her child sued her because he wants to take the child from him, according to the father he has a lot of power and money and he left Reñera … “

Supposedly this user, the boy’s father left her “because she was uploading photos half-naked and the man was disappointed for this reason! But now that she is back in all this controversy in the case of Octavio because the boy’s father wants to take him away and the truth is that the boy would be better off away from this crazy mother who touched him ”.


Last will Octavio Ocaña
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But the suspicions did not stop and the Internet users continued to give their point of view: “It is very strange, someone of 6 months who knows a boy and you already live with him, it is strange that he puts you in a will, that guy must have worked, only God knows with what ”,“ there is something with that woman, they should investigate her very thoroughly ”,“ nothing corresponds to her, she was only her friend with the right, therefore there is nothing that can be given to her. corresponds ”.

Other people commented on the actions of the ex-girlfriend: “From the beginning she is suspicious because of her way of acting, there is not a moment that she shows pain suffering for Octavio, she is seen as manipulative, and how Octavio’s family is good, noble, decent for her it was easy to manipulate Octavio, she is a livelihood and Octavio’s father should already be investigating her to report her, as he had everything premeditated ”.

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