Missing man found in Bermuda Triangle

Just like it was taken out of a movie by Hollywood, in case of Thomas brown has gone around the world after being one of the few men saved from the Bermuda Triangle.

The 56-years-old man lived trapped in the area mentioned above, and it is still unknown what happened or how he survived it.

In American Post News, we will tell you all about this case and the myth surrounding this place in Bermuda, which has been addressed for decades in books and movies.

The Thomas Brown Story

Thomas disappeared on October 29, 2009, when his boat was adrift in the middle of the sea, and his wife reported him missing to the authorities.

The time passed, and the search for Thomas’ rescue stopped, so his death was taken for granted. However, everything would change because seven years later, the man reappeared.

Thomas saw his wife again on August 25, 2016, when it was reported about the presence of her husband, who looked in poor condition due to the shipwreck through which he passed.

The subject reported that the boat lost stability and was adrift next to some small islands, where it was later rescued.

Its history has been questioned by thousands of people, who assure that it is not possible to have survived that long. However, it resembles other discoveries in Bermuda.

Myth or reality of the Bermuda Triangle?

Myth or reality of the Bermuda Triangle?

Bermuda throws up one of the planet’s greatest mysteries; dozens of stories about missing ships, lost planes, and others have flooded the network.

The area comprises 1.1 million and a half square kilometers offshore within an equilateral triangle (hence its name) that forms the tips of the Bermuda islands, Puerto Rico, and Miami in Florida, United States.

Whether true or not, the Bermuda Triangle will always be a mystery worth addressing in stories and daily news.